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    We help you build a successful
    online business on web and mobile.
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    Which work everywhere.
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    You only get the best.


Stunning online shops powered by WooCommerce and Wordpress.

Full-Stack Web Apps

From front-end to back-end,
all inclusive, all in the cloud.

Web Design & Development

Awesome responsive websites
that work on all devices.

Our Vision And Mission

Your online business success is what matters

So you tell us what you want, and we build it in the best possible way.

Your online business is judged by its cover

So we create beautiful things.

Your online business must not be broken, anywhere

So we create beautiful things that work, everywhere.

Your online business always needs to get better

So we are always here for you, anytime.

Our Customers and Projects

Wine Cellarage Webshop

  • Ported from Magento.
  • More than 5000 wines for sale, updated in real-time.
  • Integrated with Liv-Ex, the London-based fine wine market.
  • Integrated with FedEx Shipping for instant quotes.
  • CC and PayPal payments.
  • Algolia instant search.

MÃ¥nedens Bestseglere Website

  • External services to automatically update book custom data.
  • Time-based SMS-based alerts to users.
  • Store locator.
  • Mailchimp integration.

Sunkost Webstore

  • Custom checkout and shipping.
  • Real-time POS in-stock information.
  • Integrated with Sunkost back-end inventory system (bidirectional updates).
  • Integrated with Klarna payments, MailChimp, Nosto and Algolia instant search.

Cultrix Publishing

  • Converts PDF's into branded, responsive Flipbooks for all devices.
  • Automatic extraction of high-resolution images from PDF's.
  • Lasdscape and portrait layouts.
  • Custom skins.
  • Zoom, search, ToC.
  • Links and media add-ons.

Cultrix Offer

  • Converts PDF-based weekly offers into full-fledged WooCommerce-based webstores.
  • Automatic extraction of product images and text from PDF's.
  • Back-end system to create, edit and store products into WooCommerce via its REST API.

Cultrix Insert+

  • Creates, manages and publishes Flipbook-based advertisement campaigns onto digital newspapers, magazines and media sites.
  • Back-end management system.
  • Front-end responsive advertisement widgets (carousel, waterwheel, etc.).


  • Automatically converts legacy desktop websites into Wordpress-based responsive websites.
  • Crawler.
  • Page and media Wordpress importer.
  • Conversion and editing portal.

Meet The Team

We are a one-man band. But we work like an orchestra.

  • Marco Donizelli

    Founder, CEO, CTO, Software Engineer, paper boy, janitor.

    20 years of experience, all yours.

Our Services


Stunning online shops powered by WooCommerce and Wordpress

  • Sell anything, anywhere
  • Secure checkout process
  • Credit card and/or PayPal payment gateways
  • Inventory/taxes/shipping management
  • Geolocation

Full Stack Web Apps

From front-end to back-end all inclusive, in the cloud

  • End user and admin UI's
  • REST API's
  • PHP
  • MySQL & NoSQL
  • Amazon Cloud
  • Third-party frameworks integration (Mandrill Email Delivery API, Raygun Error Reporting, Google Analytics, etc.)

Web Design & Development

Awesome responsive websites that work on all devices

  • Wordpress
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • jQuery Mobile
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript

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